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ayKKII5010 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture, 2 op / 1 ov 
Tunniste ayKKII5010  Voimassaolo 01.08.2015 -
Nimi Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture  Lyhenne Introduction to 
Laajuus2 op / 1 ov  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiKieliopinnot OppiaineKII Kiinan kieli 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   Arvostelu1 - 5 
Suositeltu suoritusaika  Jatko-opintokelpoinenei
    Voidaan suorittaa useastiei
Vastuuyksikkö VY Avoin yliopisto, Vaasa 


Learning Outcomes:

Students completing the course successfully should be able to:

  • Understand very short texts with simple familiar words and phrases
  • Write short sentences, messages and fill in a form with personal details
  • Follow very slow and repeated speech dealing with simple and everyday needs
  • Ask and answer simple questions

Course content:

  • This course is designed to give an overview of the Chinese language and tools for using it in everyday situations and business contexts. It gives a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese by covering four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The course includes Chinese survival language, pinyin system, vocabulary, basic strokes of Chinese characters, daily greetings, and basic Chinese writing.

1. Class handouts
2. Recommended readings in print and online
3. Tapes and videotapes for self-instruction


20 hours contact lessons.


The course will be assessed by

  • Active participation in class
  • Tasks in class
  • Final exam

Course organized by Language Centre


This course does not meet the requirements of the obligatory first or second foreign language.


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