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ayKENG9217 Society and State, 3 op / 2 ov 
Tunniste ayKENG9217  Voimassaolo 01.08.2011 -
Nimi Society and State  Lyhenne Society and Sta 
Laajuus3 op / 2 ov  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiKieliopinnot OppiaineENG Englannin kieli 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   Arvostelu1 - 5 
Suositeltu suoritusaika  Jatko-opintokelpoinenei
    Voidaan suorittaa useastiei
Vastuuyksikkö VY Avoin yliopisto, Vaasa 

John Shepherd 

Opintokohteen yleinen oppimateriaali:
Tekijä Nimike Vuosi Pakollinen Saatavuus
     John Oakland  British civilization: an introduction  2006  Pakollinen Saatavuus


Prior studies: Reading and Writing Skills and Oral Skills or equivalent knowledge of English


Aim: B2-C2

Learning outcomes:

Students completing the course successfully will be able to:

  • understand and explain the political and legal organization of the target country
  • critically compare the institutions of the target country with those of their own or other countries
  • find and locate source material and evaluate and use it for own purposes in writing
  • write a competent academic paper in English on relevant topic of interest

Contents: This course provides up-to-date information on and a critical view of an English speaking country’s society and institutions and compares them with those of other countries. The students will gain insight into the working life, business, industry and culture of contemporary UK or other English speaking country by interpreting current issues. The students develop critical thinking and research skills, and in addition practice and develop their reading, listening and writing skills.

The content is formed around the following topics: identity formation; education; politics; business, industry and the economy; corporate culture and working life; employment and unemployment; the environment and environmental problems and solutions; science and technology; central and local government; health, medicine and social care; the media; living in the country – housing, leisure, sport, and the class system. There is, additionally, a unit on how to write academically and how to structure and present a paper.


Study materials:

  1. Oakland, J. (latest edition). British Civilization: An Introduction. Routledge: London and New York
  2. Online materials and sources as suggested by the course instructor.

Teaching: 30 hours in class OR online.


Completion and evaluation of the course:

Students are expected to participate actively in discussions in class and/or online and complete a series of assignments. The final grade will be determined by:

  1. Attendance and participation in class/online
  2. Writing 3 shorter essays or source review assignments prior to a longer, final paper (min. 2500 words), related to society and state in the UK or other English speaking country

Evaluation: 1-5 / failed.




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